how do you fill out your surveys?

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14-01-2007 10:59:48

what do you all use to help you fill out surveys? Or do you do it by hand?

I know that I can setup a bunch of programs to auto fill in my name, email, and whatnot, but is there anything that can auto-tick the (not interested) box for you? I've been looking for awhile and can't seem to find any.



14-01-2007 11:22:55

don't think so, i've been using roboform


14-01-2007 12:33:35

so you just use roboform to fill out your name and whatnot, and then do page by page by hand?


14-01-2007 12:34:43

Tab and arrows my friend
tab and arrows )


15-01-2007 04:05:26

lol d11m )