$2000 Check/Gift Card Site Question

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06-01-2007 16:42:26

Hello everyone,

I have been looking around for a legit website that has either a $2,000 check (preferably), or gift card as a gift for doing offers. The check would be the best option in my case. Anyway, I have been in the DIY game for a while now so I wouldn't consider myself a novice at all, and I know how it works. Now, I have done a Nuitech site and it went very well for me and so preferably I would like to complete a website of their's for $2000. I know there is a Nuitech offer for a gift card for $2000 towards a plasma TV, but I am hesitant to sign up for that site because I do not know if the card can only be used to purchase a TV, or if it is like a regular Visa that can be used anywhere. I have read before of people obtaining checks before from sites, and I think that I have read about Nuitech sending out $2,000 checks for signing up for a certain site.

If anyone can help me out with this question it would be greatly appreciated! It would be nice to have a site that is totally legit, and low-hassle and low-offer requirements as well. I know that the offer requirements for Nuitech would be 18 or around that number for $2,000. I hope Nuitech still has a promotion going that offers $2,000, but if they don't any other legitimate website would be great as well. I have done some searching on Google but would like some information from people who may be more knowledgeable about many DIY sites.

Thank you!


06-01-2007 16:44:00

I'm pretty sure they send a 2000 visa


06-01-2007 23:19:38

not to hijack the thread, hopefully it adds on to it, but is the best offer to payout ratio the 18 offer $2000 nuitech sites?

My friend wants to complete a good DIY site and we were thinking about the 18 offer 2k sites.

Also, does anyone have any site links, with offers in them?


07-01-2007 07:48:52

I think they send a check ...

And nuitech is the best one out there ... Im one offer away form completing mine ... Dam that netflix ...


07-01-2007 12:17:16

NetFlix has always been terrible with crediting.

Go NT though.


07-01-2007 12:25:50

It is indeed a 2k visa prepaid giftcard. I used it at an ATM and cashed it out. Yes NT is the way to go and yes Netflx sux


07-01-2007 12:46:24

anyone have a good link?


07-01-2007 12:58:40

Google $2000 free, and this shows up...



07-01-2007 13:25:31

When did it become 19 offers for 2k? Wasn't it always 18 before?


07-01-2007 13:36:58

yah, thats what I was thinking, is that above link 19?

If so, any 18 offer ones?


07-01-2007 13:54:20

Ya, it was 19, 4 on 1st, 6 on 2nd, 9 on 3rd.... I'm plannin on doin a 2k diy one of these days


07-01-2007 15:28:01

Finance-Offer changed from 18 offers to 19 offers aprx. a week and a half ago


07-01-2007 16:35:30

automotive-offer (found the same way google "free $2000") is 18, or was a week ago when i signed up. I completed the site on Friday and already 16 of the offers have credited.

I expect the last two, sunrocket and wine to credit Monday

but it should be noted that the automotive-offer link is a $2000 mastercard


07-01-2007 17:36:44

is there any difference between the mastercard/visa...if you can get $2k out of an ATM for both cards it shouldn't matter...(or less if there's a fee).

Also, how much did it cost for all the offers massman? It seems they have like 6 of those $1 offers, and some free ones as well, seems like it might be <$100 to complete the site, since my friend has only done true.com


07-01-2007 19:49:00

Thanks for the replies everyone. For some reason I the Finance Offer site won't load for me and it hasn't for a few days. Maybe the website is down? And I also can't find the Automotive Offer site on Google either. Any help would be appreciated!


09-01-2007 17:36:34

any other links? or should we just search google?

And if we do search google, is there anyway to tell how many offers / what offers a site has?


10-01-2007 07:07:25

O.K. so after i've attempted to respond/answer each persons question in the two month i still see the same question appearing over and over. Search the previous two pages and the majority of your questions will be answered.

The easiest way to figure out the offer requirements is to sign up with legit info, go through the 4/5 pages of email offers, and look at them that way


10-01-2007 07:11:55

[quotee81336a340="video_guy"]Thanks for the replies everyone. For some reason I the Finance Offer site won't load for me and it hasn't for a few days. Maybe the website is down? And I also can't find the Automotive Offer site on Google either. Any help would be appreciated![/quotee81336a340]

Thats akward...no idea wat to say for that one. Try searching google for "free body kit"


10-01-2007 09:26:01

Can't find the link for the 2k nuitech can someone post or send...THANKS!


10-01-2007 17:03:05

the link sends me to 50 dollar gift card said imma do it until i see 6 offers wtf


13-01-2007 08:56:07

has anyone had any luck with NY Times crediting? I admit I have only waited 4 days. But just wanting to know the crediting times on this offer


13-01-2007 10:30:17

I still see nuitech 2k sites, I see finance-offer and electronics-rewardspath or is it finance-rewardspath for 2k..


13-01-2007 15:01:26



13-01-2007 17:34:17


"I have finished every free site ever made."

You don't need it since it looks like you finished the site. lol