Anybody know who runs sites?

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04-01-2007 18:24:03

WHOIS returns a private domain registration.

Terms & conditions have this is an address

Registered Copyright Agent
Generous Genie
22647 Ventura Blvd Suite 258
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Anybody recognize that address? I've never been big in DIY outside of I-Deal so I'm not familiar with all the addresses that Nuitech, YFDirect, and their ilk are using. IIRC the Del Ray, FL address is Nuitech, but that's the only one I know.


04-01-2007 18:37:40

the address is a mailboxes etc store



04-01-2007 18:41:47

The site is run by the company that runs ConsumerPromotionCenter and other sites. I think the parent company is VC E-Commerce Solutions. I wouldn't bother with the sites though since usually you need to complete at least 2 very hard OODs that is limited to either a car or house loan or ordering satelite tv.

unknown uchiha

04-01-2007 18:43:33

Or spending a few thousand dollars. Never ever do any GenerousGenie sites. They are anything but generous =/


04-01-2007 18:50:33

Ah, so like ProductTestPanel, eh? I've run into their page 3 before -- like you have to spend $3000 on page 3 alone.

unknown uchiha

04-01-2007 19:00:22

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's the same network. I think it's also under Red Turtle Investments or something.


04-01-2007 19:27:11

No, Red Turtle Investments is an I-Deal DBA. I know that one well. )


05-01-2007 08:14:48

yeah this is consumerpromotions ...... impossible page 3 offers

unknown uchiha

05-01-2007 16:50:13

It's not impossible, it's possible if you've been dying to buy a set of brand-new formica kitchen counters and wanted to also freesite a Sidekick 3 or $100 gift card...


06-01-2007 11:16:16

Ventura Blvd sounds like eMarketMakers, which is now part of VendareNetBlue, or YFDirect. The two companies merged.

dunno if them for sure, but sounds like them.


16-02-2007 21:00:06

does anyone know if they actually DO shit gifts/have good crediting? providing that the page 3 was do-able for whatever reason.


17-02-2007 05:56:05

i don't think i'd want anything from a company that shit the gifts



20-02-2007 08:41:16

IT is CPC also know as Reward Gateway