looking for low offer nuitech

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27-12-2006 11:46:22

im looking for a low offer requirement nuitech site to do, even if it like a $50 gift card. thanks!


27-12-2006 11:48:40



both 50 bucks for 1 offer


27-12-2006 11:53:05

what kind of card will they give for freegasonus? also theuseful.com didnt show me any offers


27-12-2006 11:58:19

freegasonus gave me a visa


27-12-2006 11:59:18

cool, thanks!


27-12-2006 12:40:56

i completed my offer and i got this

FINAL STEP for a $50 VisaŽ Gift Card

We appreciate your patience while we complete the verification process.

Once we have contacted our Advertisers to confirm your purchases, you may be required to provide proof of purchases, such as credit card statements or shipping labels. Should we need to request the above information, we will email you at the email address you provided at the time you registered.

STAY TUNED and please remember to check this site for updates regarding your gift redemption status.

Thank you!

Customer Support

does this mean i am in verification? what will i have to do now? i have never done a nuitech before


27-12-2006 12:50:40

Yes, you are in verification. You'll be able to print your voucher probably in a couple of hours or tomorrow at the latest. NT always goes thru that stage, then the link for your voucher will appear thereafter.

Hope this helps.


27-12-2006 12:53:23



27-12-2006 14:06:42

Low as in 1 or 2 offers? there are a ton of 6 offer nuitech sites. I'm trying to look for some new ones to do, I love getting electronics from nuitech that I wouldn't normally buy myself.


27-12-2006 14:26:20

well i was looking for a 1 or 2 offer but 6 i would take a look at considering how easy the one offer was.


27-12-2006 14:58:08

If you want to do low offer NuiTech sites just type in a known websites name. Finance-offer for instance is a $50 Gc