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24-12-2006 13:44:10


I'm Tyler, owner/operator of http//[]http// I've been lurking this site for a few days now and figured it would only help generate business on my site by posting here.

http//[]http// is a DIY site that offers trips/vacations to various places. The name says "spring break", but the vacations can be ordered for anywhere and everywhere. In addition to trips, you can also get cash payouts of $50, $100, and $250.

There are several surveys on the site now, and there are enough of them to easily get to $50 and $100.

I'm also giving a special bonus for referrals you will get 10% of any points your referral earns + 150 bonus points once they reach 200 points. If they get enough points for a free trip, you'll get 1150 points! Get 8-9 people to get a trip and your trip will be completely free (10000 points).

Anyways, feel free to IM me at tt9035768, PM me here, email= me me, or post here if you have any questions/comments


24-12-2006 13:57:43

your site isn't loading for me.


24-12-2006 14:02:03

It works now.


24-12-2006 23:52:31

It was weird earlier today, there was a 20 minute period where the site was down, but its fine now.


25-12-2006 11:42:26

arrow As a Christmas special, all offers done today, Christmas Day, December 25th, will receive 50% extra points! D


25-12-2006 12:54:55

I'm signed up, your main picture doesn't load just as a fyi - Will be completing a bunch of offers by 1159 hehehe

glad I randomly logged on between meals ;)


25-12-2006 13:52:39

My main picture does like to not load, A LOT! But yeah I'm going to kick in one extra thing for today as well, instead of the 50% bonus, all non-survey offers are getting a 60% bonus.


26-12-2006 12:51:56

hey....since I was out of town, etc.... wouldn't it be cool if you did the same thing on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day??!!! ;)


26-12-2006 15:18:43

yeah same here, most people weren't able to do it because they were gone all day.


26-12-2006 18:05:29

I may do something like that for this coming new years eve/day, but it will probably have something like "You must accumulate 200 points or so before New years to be eligible"


27-12-2006 16:55:30

Im crediting bonuses now.

Now that I think about it, I might just run a "New Year's Contest" in January for the whole month


28-12-2006 14:06:32

Added a new $14 survey yesterday, along with a couple $1 trials, more will be added tomorrow.


19-01-2007 09:47:09

Several new offers, including a $21 survey