best points based site ever

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24-12-2006 12:49:17

i just heard about it and i love it so much and i am doing ti non stop, i just started like an hour ago and i have 166 points, my cousin got a nano from it and im doing the video. you just sign up for some sites and they are mostly free, just earn enough points and you get your prize. it is so cool. i guarantee u will love it.[]


24-12-2006 14:00:25

Welcome to the site. Take a look at the rules because you're not allowed to post referal links. You'll get banned from the site if you do that. Also, you can't have it in your signature.


24-12-2006 14:06:25

thank you, i just removed it.


24-12-2006 14:11:40

[quotefaec756158="giovannip811"]thank you, i just removed it.[/quotefaec756158]

I also edited your post to remove the reflink you posted there.

All the rules are linked to in my signature. Let me knwo if you have any questions.