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20-12-2006 04:22:13

I found this site from a traffic service.
Many free offers and trial offers.
Instant credit.
High rate.
6% ref commision.
Plz join under me, i will put ref link here if mod accept it.

This is FAQ
[quotefdde84991a]MUST READ, VERY IMPORTANT!

Make sure you clear your cookies after every survey you complete. You will not get credit for them if you don't.

Are these products really free?

Yes! For every offer that is completed, we are paid by our advertisers. We use that money to pay for your free gift!

How does the referral program work?

You get paid 6% of what your referrals make!

Can you give me any exam about bid of offers?

We offer high percentage for all members!
Video Professor (US,CA) 32 points
Blockbuster 32 points
Bargain.com 28 points

I've place my order, when will I receive it?

We use Net-15 payment (12th to 18th)
For example, your placed an order on June will be paid out around July 17th.

Can I create more than 1 account?

To ensure quality offer completions and the highest payout of offers (to give you the best gifts for a low referral cost), we can not permit you to create more then one account per household.

Will I receive spam from you?

We take our spam policy very seriously and will never sell your information your send you spam.
I have a question to ask you. Where can I do so?
You can create a support ticket, which is available from your account.[/quotefdde84991a]


20-12-2006 05:14:47

No referral links