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18-12-2006 17:15:58

Introducing Duke of Dollars (, a new GPT which specializes in high payouts, easy navigation, and quality customer service.

At Duke of Dollars, we have many high paying freebies. For those of you who are willing to use a credit card, we have many high paying credit card offers. There is also a Gold Coin Rewards Program which rewards members with cash bonuses, gift cards, and referrals!

There is a three level referral system
1st level - 10% of your referrals earnings
2nd level - 5%
3rd level - 2%

We have over 60 Winning Surveys and 60 email/zip submits. For those of you unfamiliar with Winning Surveys and email/zip submits, Winnings Surveys take 3-4 minutes to complete and they start at $2 each at Duke of Dollars. The email/zip submits are simply submitting only your email or zip code and you get 50 cents each one!

If anyone has questions, email= me at me at or send me an IM at thedukeofdollars.

I hope everyone enjoys the site and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!


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19-12-2006 10:18:49

are people allowed to promote GPT's on FIPG. i thought that was against the TOS. Can any mods please clear it up?


19-12-2006 14:47:05

I certainly did not mean to break any rules. I figured that people at FIPG would be interested in I apologize if I have broken any rules.



19-12-2006 20:53:42

[quote77982b3a7c="parth82390"]are people allowed to promote GPT's on FIPG. i thought that was against the TOS. Can any mods please clear it up?[/quote77982b3a7c]

Why wouldn't someone be able to promote a freebie site on FiPG? What we don't allow are referral links, and it looks like you've got one in your sig, since the page your link leads to is full of ref links.


19-12-2006 23:44:22

sorry i will get rid of it ASAP. thanks for clarifying it up!


20-12-2006 01:41:45

Thanks to the admin for clearing this up. Also there is currently a referral contest going through the end of the month on Duke of Dollars. We have hundreds of free surveys to complete that take 3-4 minutes and start out paying $2.



26-12-2006 22:39:23

PM me if anyone wants a link, so far so good the site is really simple yet really effective. The payouts are way better than cashcrate IMO.
There are a lot of surveys. There are categories sorting out which companies you want to do.