Any good I-Deal sites to start now??

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18-12-2006 05:55:51


I've never done any DIY sites (have done a few Freepay sites) but apparently they have sites that allow you to do about 10 offers yourself and obtain one referral and get $1500+. This is the kind of site I'd like to sign up for. D

Any that haven't expired?

Or whats the best offer currently available?

I think I've read enough that I know what to expect and am ready to jump through the hoops but none of the sites mentioned are active and still have the low requirements...


18-12-2006 09:14:23

none available right now, atleast none that would fetch you any referrals through a train. The last one was the 10+1 washer dryer $1900 check one. Now its at 2 referrals so no one really wants to sign up for free under anyone. Right now just have to wait and see if we find a new ideal site for 1 referral thats a good deal. Im waiting too since I don't want to do another nuitech b/c the third page sucks right now.