Is legit?

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14-12-2006 11:59:59

Does anyone know anything about this company and are they legit? has a site that's offering all the next-gen game consoles for 5 offers (easy offers).

Any info would be appreciated.


14-12-2006 15:55:21

I too am wondering the same thing. The fact that I can't find a login link on their site makes me suspicious though. Not to mention the fact that their terms of service say it usually takes 4-6 weeks for offers to credit, which is quite unappealing.

Edit After some snooping, I found that you can login to your account at http//

I cannot find any contact information though. If I could get a phone number of their's to call, I'd try the site out.


14-12-2006 19:15:49

It looks promising, but their site is all messed up. None of their links work and one of the pages for the plasma tv said to do 10 and there were only 9 offers on the page...


14-12-2006 23:11:26

yeah, i agree. looks like a scam.


15-12-2006 09:26:44

some guys on scam tried one of there sies like a year ago and got nothing


15-12-2006 17:14:25

Thanks guys!
Looks like it's just a scam.