A way to send a w9 without printing it out? thru email?

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06-12-2006 19:57:38

I thought I had read somewhere that you could fill out a w9 online and send through email ...and somehow include an electronic signature??? If this is true can you please give me more information. Thank you


06-12-2006 20:48:42

Dunno. Although Freepay allowed you to print, sign, and then scan it so you could email it back. No clue about DIY sites allowing that, though.


06-12-2006 21:39:57

so far every site I've participated in will allow you to send a scanned copy of your w9. But I recently read a post from someone (think it was here.. possibly in an older thread) where they filled out their w9 online and signed it electronically (using adobe acrobat?) ..and then just sent it in pdf form in an email.


07-12-2006 13:42:25

If you download the PDF from the IRS website, the form is configured such that you can fill out the information by typing in the form. Unless you have a scanned version of your signature, I don't believe you would be able to complete the form to mail it in. Even then, (I didn't review the form that closely), I don't believe an electronically signed tax form, (unless there is a clause to the contrary) is a legal document. However, if all the freebie site wants is a form with your SSN, mailing address and full name, then an unsigned, or electronically signed (but not official, legal document) will suit their needs.