Is it OK to use work address when doing offers?

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02-12-2006 00:32:53

I just started $2000 offer and ran into a problem. Since I work, It will be more convenient for me to use work address when I do offers. Is this allowed? I just tried to do CortiBan, and found out as soon as I click on the offer link, my personal inforamtion has been saved and showing on the order page. Can I change that to my work address?
Any help will be appreciated.



02-12-2006 02:35:18

From what I've seen it doesn't matter what address you use, as long as it's your address and you use the same one for the website and all of the offers you sign up for. The only problem I could foresee is if you're constantly getting diet pills and skin lotions everyday, I'm thinking you're boss won't like that too much....


02-12-2006 10:41:15