good new freebie site-make that dollar

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26-11-2006 13:41:14

the owner is very nice and helpful,lots of offers to choose from. and they credit fast.sorry if this has been posted already
the link is
it's a lot like fusioncash but easier,to me,at least


03-12-2006 00:17:40

Ill try it does anyone want to sign up under me?


13-12-2006 14:56:58

I'm the admin of this site. Thanks for posting.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.


29-12-2006 11:10:11

New Offer Completion Contest starts on December 30, 2006 and lasts til December 31, 2006.

The following prizes will be awarded and paid on January 1, 2007.

1st Place $125
2nd Place $75
3rd Place $50 Visa Gift Card
4th Place $25
5th Place $10 Amazon Gift Certificate

And remember... If you find another offer somewhere else that pays more, we will match it plus give you a bonus for doing it on MakeThatDollar!


01-01-2007 10:04:48

More contests and offers have been added!


01-01-2007 11:44:49

Here's some solid proof!

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All from completing easy, free, no-cc, no personal info surveys!!~

you pretty much get paid for clicking yes or no

the payment methods are awesome too!
you can request payment via e-gold, paypal, money order, and visa giftcard!!!


01-01-2007 12:08:57

How come it says payments are 15th-20th and you got paid like 4 random times?


01-01-2007 12:23:18

i think that rule was implemented just recently..
i requested payouts earlier when the site had just launched and the admin was kind enough to instantly ship my order

now the site is growing larger and larger everyday and it just wouldn't be fair to ship orders out to certain people but that's just my opinion

the admin also likes to chat with you and you'll get to know him and other members of the site! he's very friendly and is almost always online
i've made a few friends just from the occasional chat rooms he makes inviting friends and members of MakeThatDollar just to chat

it's an overall great experience and i recommend everybody to join the site ;)

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

01-01-2007 19:16:47

Yup i am a member there a love it. If anyone wants to sign up under my let me know. And ill get my link out


06-01-2007 17:17:01

this is a really great site
i won their offer completion contest for $80 and was paid immediately in my account
you should join,pm me for my link