looking for a DIY for a black ipod video

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25-11-2006 12:18:43

Please help, it seems the giftchaos network isn't as good as it seemed. I figured it out and i'll need to do over 26 offers (only spending around $50 though) to get an 80gb black ipod video.

Anyone know of any others that don't require referrals for this item?



25-11-2006 13:16:01

Do a NuiTech site for a $500 Visa, 8 offers.


25-11-2006 14:53:50

I'm already doing a nuitech DIY for a macbook pro.


25-11-2006 14:59:18

Whatever you do, don't do an i-deal site!!! Thay have one for the new 8gb nano which could be sold or exchanged for the video, but I-Deal is really shitty lately!