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17-11-2006 05:33:16

Hey Everyone
Its been a little while since ive posted about my sites. We just revamped the design of shuffle.simplyfreerewards.com.

Along with the new design we have removed offers that never credit, and will be adding newer offers within this week which will make it even easier to get a shuffle.

Check it out, shuffle.simplyfreerewards.com.



17-11-2006 05:42:28

What about manual credits? I've still never received credit for Video Professor on your main site (


17-11-2006 07:57:48

Give me your userid and you get credit now


17-11-2006 08:16:57

Bryan ~ You liSTILLli haven't replied to the support ticket asking you to fix the status of my ipod.simplyfreerewards account so I can finally cash out. I see this morning that it's gotten even worse. The offer I did for stage 1 has now vanished. I had to jump through a million hoops to get manual credit from you. I finally got it and now it's no longer showing as completed. The offer I did for Stage 2 has vanished. In it's place is an offer I didn't complete on your site. The final offer I did for Stage 3 which didn't credit but you said you would "investigate" finally showed up on my status page as completed but it's listed under Stage 1.. not the final Stage 3.

You don't reply to threads on your own forum. You don't reply to support tickets on your own sites. You do however have time to create threads on various forums promoting yourself and your sites... and you had time to reply to my thread at anything4free which was totally unrelated to this situation (you obviously didn't know it was me). I've been working on your site for well over 2 months.. A site that requires just 3 easy offers to qualify for an Ipod Shuffle. I did the offers and I explained to you in detail that I needed the gift as a Christmas gift for my 8 year old son. You told me in a pm at wahm.com (after I complained about your customer service) that you wanted to help me get the Ipod before Christmas. Did you mean that or was it lip service? You apologized to me for your "behavior" and I accepted... because I believed that you would finally do what you said you would do and take care of your ipod site..which is obviously not a priority to you.

If you aren't going to fix the problem on my account then would you at least have the decency to tell me so I can walk away from this? Had I known the headache this site would cause me I wouldn't have wasted my time and 3 offers (that I can never do again.. and that would have earned me over $50 had I done them on a different incentive site). So just tell me to go to hell or fix my account so I can cash out and be done with it.

I moderate a money-making forum on a large parenting board where members are waiting to learn if your site is legit and worth the effort. What would you like me to tell them?

account id ~ steague4@hotmail dot com


17-11-2006 08:21:28

You just told a member above to give you their user id and they would "get credit now". Where have I heard that before? Does wahm.com ring a bell? I got the same words from you on that message board and it still took numerous tickets and 8 days to finally get credit.


17-11-2006 08:37:37

After reading this I logged in to check my status as well. Both of the offers I did have disappeared from my status page.



17-11-2006 08:54:11

[quoteaaef573eb3="bryanvanalmkerk"]Give me your userid and you get credit now[/quoteaaef573eb3]

username removed



17-11-2006 09:35:24

Thanks for changing my status so I could cashout. I'll update this thread again once I receive the shuffle.


17-11-2006 13:09:39

Give me a chance sher lol, I saw the other thread you made as well. I changed your status and everything is good now.

Edit Also sher attitude doesnt help the matter. I cant pay you unless im paid, simple as that. You wouldnt go around giving people money for nothing would you? It takes time, ask any site owner about manual credits, some dont even do that. I also sent out a mass email about the shuffle site and the new design and how it might have affected peoples accounts. Before posting you should have checked your status because it changed last night, even before you replied.

edit2 also 8 days is nothing, I still have members pending from 2 months ago. I have yet to receive credit for them, and they understand that because I havent heard from my publisher about them. So cut me some slack and go easy on the attitude, it doesnt speed things along.

edit3 It just feels to me sher that your trying to bully, I know your a mod on a site, it doesnt give you the right to throw that around. Your like any other user who has to wait for credit. People see im legit by looking at all the people who have received gifts. Im glad I can fix things for you but try not to throw your status around expecting to get things done faster.


17-11-2006 23:55:16

Bryan ~ I told you that it doesn't have anything to do with waiting for manual credit. I do that on other sites and I'm fine with it. The difference is that those other sites have the proper level of professionlism and customer support. I don't go a week and a half without a reply to a support ticket. I don't have administrators on those sites sending me a private message on another forum telling me that they will give me IMMEDIATE credit as soon as I reply to them with the offer that I completed. ..and then not doing it. If you couldn't give me credit that day then why tell me you would? I know how long it takes for manual credit. I had already waited over a month. I just needed a reply to a support ticket regarding the status... which went unanswered for more than a week. On other sites... I don't have administators asking for a confirmation email for manual credit one day and then 4 weeks later asking for it again as if they aren't aware it's been sitting in a support ticket for a month. I dont refer friends to those sites and then have them completely give up on completing it because they send in a support ticket regarding a problem they have with an offer and 4 weeks later they have yet to get a reply.

The problem was not with waiting for the offer to approve. The problem was with your lack of customer support which you apologized for.

And I did check my status before posting. It was still screwed up... with offers listed in my status that I had never completed.. and offers that I had completed vanished.

I'm glad it's over. I'm sorry that you felt I was bullying my way to an approved status on your site. I'm sorry I felt I had to jump through way too many hoops to finally reach that status. I recent the implication that I "threw around" my mod status. I simply told you that there were many on that board waiting to learn if your site was legit and worthwhile. I wanted to be able to tell them that it was but had someone asked me earlier today... I could not have told them in all honesty that your site was one worthy of their time and effort.

There really are no hard feelings. Like I said earlier.. I think you're a nice guy with maybe a bit too much going on.


18-11-2006 07:50:35

I appreciate the support sher, like i mentioned you gift will ship on monday ;). Also, the site has been fixed. If people see credit for offers they did not complete then open up a support ticket. As long as you have credit its all good.


unknown uchiha

03-12-2006 01:49:44

So is this site still active? The owner hasn't posted in a while.


03-12-2006 02:19:53

I just got my shuffle about 2-3 weeks ago... I've been meaning to take some pictures of it and the receipt with my iSight, but haven't gotten around to it.


03-12-2006 03:54:53

yes where is he, i pm him and open a support ticket with no response and its been 3 weeks


03-12-2006 07:22:51

Hey junkie, I responded right after you sent me a pm, and asked for your confirmations for your offers. People still complete the site, and offers that have been pending have been going through.


03-12-2006 07:23:51

you could always get a nano also, nanoipod.simplyfreerewards.com


03-12-2006 07:50:49

When will you be adding more page 3 offers?


03-12-2006 08:03:28

thank you, i appreciated


03-12-2006 08:39:51

I hope to get some new offers up there soon.