Any PS3 DIY sites?

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16-11-2006 18:56:34

Are there any PS3 DIY sites...or no CC sites?


16-11-2006 19:33:19

wow non cc sites that would be like 200 refferals


17-11-2006 07:11:46

[quote4322acd2e2="freaky1718"]wow non cc sites that would be like 200 refferals[/quote4322acd2e2]

http// has $500 paypal for 45 referrals .. that would get ya a PS3 ;P


17-11-2006 07:22:05

heh, good luck with 45 referrals...


17-11-2006 07:59:51

could do and earn points. new offers added daily!


17-11-2006 10:02:21

brandarama has diy for PS3 (actually $600) im going for it now. only 4 offers. im waiting for 1 more credit


17-11-2006 15:42:52

[quotea3a38b66d4="chewy"]brandarama has diy for PS3 (actually $600) im going for it now. only 4 offers. im waiting for 1 more credit[/quotea3a38b66d4] shock

WTF?! What's the deal with this site?! I've already googled it and I'm about to sign up, though it doesn't look familliar and I have a feeling I'm wasting my time... have they been proven legit?


17-11-2006 15:49:35

Sorry for the bump... but I had to... WTF?! This site has to be junk (I'm about to google Bandaram scam and have a feeling I'll be bumping again with bad news... editing posts is just so unfashionable) I just signed up and the offers are fucking pie!!! 1- page 1, 2 - page 2, 1 - page 3... ALL EASY OFFERS! Someone... FEEDBACK!

unknown uchiha

17-11-2006 16:00:35

They take a long time to ship. That's all I know.


17-11-2006 16:15:39

PHF!!! Have you looked at the offers?! 4 of 'em sons of bitches for a PS3. PIE! Hell, I'll wait...


17-11-2006 16:31:24

At the bottom of the page, it even says if you have questions, call 1-877...

The last page is just a little shitty... but there are a bunch of offers to choose from. I've done 3 offers and am gonna hold off on the last slightly shitty offer until I see how crediting is. Everything I signed up for is supposed to credit in a day. We'll see, though I doubt it.


17-11-2006 17:02:02

Brandarama is legit but just be prepared to wait for 3 to 4 months.


17-11-2006 17:38:05

I just started that Brandarama PS3 site last Friday. 3 of 4 have credited within a week. Generally offers credit between 5-30 days. I did a $500 gc with a sister site and offers credited within a week. Yeah, you might wait 3-4 months for your gift, but they have good customer service and will deliver.

Oh yeah, the time listed isn't a crediting time, it is the time it takes the sponsor to contact you after you start an offer. Crediting time is 5-30 days.


17-11-2006 19:05:40

Fuckin' Awesome!!! I mean, hell... I actually plan to buy a PS3 with the gift card and they'll probably be available again by the time I get the card. Sweet!