anyfreegift closed

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02-11-2006 10:27:33

my brother went to check his status today at http// and it states they are closed up shop. This is a sad day.... they were a legit business. I received my gift back (I think) in September.

just wanted to let people know, so if they are waiting for approval they can call or email support to verify gift status.


02-11-2006 10:29:54

i already anounce that in the yfd thread you didnt have to make a new one, lock this


02-11-2006 10:34:22

sorry, did a search in DIY thread... I didn't see your post.


02-11-2006 12:54:03

dang that sucks to hear, I was always holding out on them for some reason to get my ipod. I got one from before they took a crap last spring....oh well

UniPrize Media

02-11-2006 14:54:16

BigWin is going the same direction as Metareward went early this year.


03-11-2006 06:19:16

i doubt it, they aarent going anywhere, they are just closing out old sites