New YourGiftsFree DIY/Points/Cash Site!

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30-10-2006 06:51:09


The site is http//
We at the YourGiftsFree Network would like to proudly introduce to you our NEW DIY/Cash/game/point site! One point=One dollar. So you can do offers and say you do offers and get 340 points you get 340 dollars! If you see a payout on our site that is offered bigger at another site contact us and we will be happy to match it )! If you see an offer you want there and its not there let us know so we can add it! If you have any Questions/Comments/Concerns/Feedback contact me!

unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 23:07:39

Will I ever get credited for Deeds4Dollars? =(

By the way. If anyone feels generous

Please PM me for a link. Referrals are worth 10% to me.

I can give +KMA, $2 Paypal, Gmail, Demonoid, etc.


31-10-2006 03:59:13

Im waiting on ID'z. They are giving me and you the run around (.