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25-10-2006 21:16:27


not sure if someones already beat me to it, but its a pretty cool site... i've been having a lot of fun playing with all of the games and stuff... I thought i was going to get away from all this but i look at this more like a game than a trickle of money flow towards me. You can shoot "people" to win stuff and buy items to win more and stuff like that, then you get bullets to trade into swatcash/items when you do offers. It's pretty cool with some of the items you can increase your ref payout percent (up to 20% - starts at 10%), buy 2 unreferred members to be your referral, etc.

and it's payout is ALRIGHT

but yea, definatelly worth checking out IMO, i've been having a lot of fun with this. PM me for a link to at least look at it lol

unknown uchiha

25-10-2006 22:18:47

I signed up, if anyone wants to signup under me please shoot me a PM.


30-10-2006 19:42:15



30-10-2006 20:26:11

I'll sign up under someone for karma... First PM wins. I'll check them tmrw morning.


31-10-2006 04:36:24

Oh nice guys, no PM's... lol I'll wait a bit longer I guess

finalllllyyy. just received one from flip- I signed up.