i-deal 10 offers +1 Ref :: IBM ThinkPad ($2,200)

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03-10-2006 17:45:21

This is a freeproductvouchers.com site and it's an i-deal site. I found it while searching through my spam folder.

It's a $2,200 IBM ThinkPad laptop. 10 offers(2+2+6) and a ref... Offers are relatively easy, there are no OOD's.

Please PM me for the link if you want to start this site.

LINK(Not referral link)


03-10-2006 17:46:24

take off the extra zero cheif


03-10-2006 17:47:16

[quote46ea9f5588="justinag06"]take off the extra zero cheif[/quote46ea9f5588]

Fixed. wink


03-10-2006 17:56:31

We've seen this before and decided it wasn't worth it.
This laptop is in no way worth $2,200.. and in this instance there is little chance they will send a check in exchange.


04-10-2006 05:36:14

Remember, on RedtopSavings.com the laptop was listed for $2999 ... the few ppl who did it, got a check for $1300 in return ....... from the specs listed/shown on that PC, It's definitely not worth that much...... But hey, if you wanna gamble, gamble away, i'll be here to hear about the results )


06-10-2006 22:35:49

take of another zero and multiply the number 2. D


07-10-2006 09:23:57

[quoteaf26bcafb6="zainali"]take of another zero and multiply the number 2. D[/quoteaf26bcafb6]