Can others complete offers for you?

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30-09-2006 17:50:15

I hope this isn't violating any rules of this forum (however, I wouldn't consider this fraud), but I read another thread where someone had briefly mentioned a family member completing an offer for them... as if it was HIS account, but someone else simply signed up for an offer using their credit card and information, but HIS email address... sounds a little sketchy, but I imagine if you knew someone who was interested in trying an offer and you couldn't complete it yourself, this may be okay. Has anyone ever done this? Is it allowed? Obviously, completing offers gets a little tight at some point if you've already completed several sites, as I have... and I've also wondered how so many people are managing to get so much free shit when there is no way thay could be completing as many offers as it would take to get them. Someone please explain.


30-09-2006 17:52:53

No, other people cannot complete offers on your accounts. That is considered fraud on virtually every freebie site.

What you probably saw were people discussing trading for friends/family who aren't FiPG members. The other person signs up and completes the offer under their own account. That is pretty common and is okay as long as you don't walk the friend/family through the offer.


30-09-2006 18:05:58

I won't mention the user's name, but this is what he said in a reply to someone's post -

"it was for longevity and orexis. And it was before I mailed my voucher, i waited the 6 weeks to get manual credit. Ive never had any issues and it was a legit purchase by a family member. So now what happens, if I do two more offers and I go to mail in my cert theyll dock all of my 18 offers or something? ill have to call them tommorrow."


30-09-2006 18:23:36

Some DIY's can be a bit more... lenient... sometimes in their terms, but it's still widely considered fraud. They'd definitely go on hold on most any referral site. Bottom line is it's against TOS whether they are enforced or not, so they're putting themselves in a precarious situation. If I were you I would not look upon this person as an example of what to do. ;)


30-09-2006 18:38:11

Thanks for your help.


02-10-2006 23:56:18

I've got a similar question... What if a roomate and I were to start an account and split the offer requirements, both doing offers that we've never done before?

It wouldn't be like I signed up for Earthlink, and then i got him to sign up for Earthlink for me on another account, I'm talking about both doing brand new offers.


06-10-2006 21:56:06

i think someone got DQed on an ideal site for doing this.