Online Reward Center - Plasma Tv

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30-09-2006 13:55:51

Has anyone completed Online Reward Center for 18 offers and gotten a TV? Thanks


30-09-2006 14:04:52

Sorry I'm writing again, or is there a place where I can sign up for only a few offers and refer someone to do the same, i have searched sites and only found either signing up for 18 offers, or sign up for 1 offer and refer 2 people, is there a site for like sign up for 8 offers and refer 1 person. Thanks


30-09-2006 14:14:28

http// find someone there. Online Reward center is Nuitech which is Legit.


30-09-2006 17:54:16

Yes my friend just recieved his from ORC and i'll have the same in about 2-3 weeks


30-09-2006 22:11:25

I am laying in bed watching michigan handle minnesota on my tivo on the plasma i got from onlinerewardcenter. My brother and a friend of mind have also received tv's from online reward center as well.