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23-09-2006 17:06:19

Hey, i'm a newbie to this type of thing and just attempted to complete my first free 100$ gift card. Upon completing the offers I don't receive an email and it goes to a page of more offers, then i hit next and it goes to a credit card application page, giving me no choice but to submit my app.
I really don't want to do that, and it doesn't make sense that i should have to because i completed all the offers, can anybody shed some light?


23-09-2006 17:08:45

What network did you do it for?


23-09-2006 17:10:54

it was Nationalsurveypanel, I got it from the Nuitech thread


02-10-2006 20:36:51

I have a question, if i started a site back in March and did an offer, but never completed the site, can I sign up for that offer again in a different site and get credit? Is there a certain time period or no? Thanks