Nintendo DS Lite/PS3

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16-09-2006 00:15:12

I found this link http//

On google for a DS Lite...Anyone tried it? It looks like a 2/2/2 site...


16-09-2006 00:19:06

It would be pretty sick if we could get some of the ref DIY sites for smaller stuff like this.


16-09-2006 00:26:25

Also found a 2/2/4 site for a 60GB PS3...



16-09-2006 03:49:02

i've had that site bookmarked for a while and finally got around to working on the offers on 09/06.

The last offer credited yesterday and I printed/mailed my forms in.

Because of how quickly nuitech ships, i'll probably be getting a call in the next week or two to see if I want to wait for the PS3 or take the check option. I filled out the W9, so hopefully they know how much the 60GB version is worth and they offer at least $600.

I'll keep everyone posted.



16-09-2006 07:08:32

I signed up for a diy ds lite through nuitech, havent finished yet.


16-09-2006 08:09:50

dude those links would be horible to do. the ds lite for 6 offers, youd spend almost that much doing the offers. then for 2 more 3rd page offers you could get 500 and and for 10 offers you could get $1000 dollars and buy like 5 lites after taxes and innicial starting money. And for that matter if you are going to do CIR you could get the plasma and xbox for 18 offers, or the laptop and ipod for 15 offers.

the ps3 for 8 offers might not be tooo bad, if its the higher end. if its the lower end you might as well do a 500 gift card. with the ps3s shortage you wont get one from a freebie sites this year.
for a ps3 if you really want to try and get one here
8 offers premium you might get 600 bucks or if your really lucky the system
but seeing as 2 more offers wont cost you more than 100 vucks , id just do the 1000 bucks. im waiting on a plasma and xbox from them.
was just approved yesterday


16-09-2006 08:54:42

there's no difference between the link and your both are nuitech sites and have the 60GB for 8 offers. because the roll-out is still 2 months away, they are going to offer you a check once you complete the requirements.

for some people - sites that require 15 or 18 offers are just undoable.



16-09-2006 10:24:04

thats true those linkare the same, but my biggest point why do 8 for a gift thats only 130 when you could get more, and most people have burnt out computer-offeron a mac book or 2000 gift card anyway


16-09-2006 11:18:12

for some people - sites that require 15 or 18 offers are just undoable.

i don't think most people have "burn out computer-offer" on a macbook or 2k gift card...i know i didn't.

if the ontheweb-offer site is anything like computer-offer, it will offer the same list of items and someone would just need to do the right google search.



20-10-2006 04:37:28

any links for the 2k gift card?


20-10-2006 08:15:12

I dont think CIR has a 2k gift card, they have a xbox and plasma though , the links are in the nuitech FAQs