iJOY massage chair

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13-09-2006 07:36:16

Any easy site to do for an iJOY massage chair. I want one it looks so cool. Thanks!


13-09-2006 10:21:58

yf had one a while back, but i doubt they still have it up and I wouldn't do it even if they did. I think it was on everyfreegift.com


13-09-2006 10:33:30


Nuitech. 2, 2, 4.


13-09-2006 12:17:11

Also Brandarama Has this

It's 1 more offer tho, 9 Offers (but I would assume they would have easier offers then Niutech) --- but Niutech is known for their "speedy-ness" where-as Brandarama has been "up-in-arms" for legitmacy still, for the time being..

however this is the IJoy 2 Massage Chair ($800 value) whereas niutech's is like $649.99 value.


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13-09-2006 12:22:21

Chair looks nice dance


13-09-2006 12:34:22

i have one at home, and it sure is comfy, the best part is the calf massager tho!


13-09-2006 12:35:03

ME WANTY! How much are they retail?


13-09-2006 13:58:15

[quote05e1796f70="Wolfeman"]ME WANTY! How much are they retail?[/quote05e1796f70]

iJoy™ Turbo Robotic Massage Chair
· Ease your tension
· Four massage settings
· $629.99 Retail - Yours FREE

Homedics® Antigravity Recliner
· Built-in control panel
· Easy to assemble
· $499.99 Retail - Yours FREEli

D I might have to do this one


13-09-2006 15:26:46

Be careful guys..I couldnt find the LINK on GOOGLE...nuitech might not approve of it. If someone finds the link ON GOOGLE lets us know how they found it.