site offering the new iPod shuffle?

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12-09-2006 15:05:34

Anyone know of a site that offers the new iPod shuffle?

If it doesn't exist yet, it's sure to soon. I would really appreciate if someone posted it here once they came across such a site.

Thanks. I've wanted to listen to music while running for a while now but the old shuffle was too cumbersome for me.


12-09-2006 15:19:22, 3 offers )

site is down now but should be up shortly

edit back up


12-09-2006 15:26:34


3 offers aswell


12-09-2006 15:36:37

Of the two, which is better to order from?

Also, how much can I expect to spend on the initial three offers?


12-09-2006 15:41:05

3 offers on my site

page 1
page 2
cruising 4 cash-$1
page 3
theres a few good ones
carleton sheets-10


12-09-2006 15:45:26

Hmm... let's make this capitalism at its best

Can one of you somehow give me incentive to choose your network over the other?

unknown uchiha

12-09-2006 15:46:15

Whats simplyfreerewards' shipping and approval times?


12-09-2006 16:01:52

Ive shipped out over 5 grand in gifts, ship every monday into tuesday. I dont need to use persuade people to use my site, it speaks for itself )

I hope people like the custom script thats running the new sites )


12-09-2006 16:05:04

I'm not asking for persuasion that either of you is legit; I know each of you is.

But what can either of you offer that rises above the competition? Why choose your network over your competitor's?


12-09-2006 16:24:00

Simple configuration

The script was designed to be ease of use. No guess work involved at all. Complete 1 offer per page totalling 3 offers. No guess work to figure out whats half credit/full credit etc.

edit i also dont see it on any other sites as of right now. My site is dedicated to the shuffle and we ship every tuesday.


12-09-2006 17:02:45

I think I'm actually going to go with SFR, because it's site is dedicated to the shuffle.

This way, I can do diy.yourgiftsfree for a larger prize. )

EDIT There are no refs involved, right? No referral links I could sign up through?


12-09-2006 17:06:18

[quote2f74615b61="bryanvanalmkerk"]3 offers on my site

page 1
page 2
cruising 4 cash-$1
page 3
theres a few good ones
carleton sheets-10

gosh...stamps, cruising4cash...two of the oldest offers... I think i'll sign up and check the other offers


12-09-2006 17:08:10

Some of the older but better )

No ref links or anything, just sign up and complete an offer on each page.

edit theres other ones that are trials but i figured id mention literally free offers.

unknown uchiha

12-09-2006 17:56:26

Can you offer a Paypal alternative instead?


12-09-2006 17:59:56

But at $79 MSRP for a Shuffle, you'd only need 2 greens on a YGF site, right? Don't know if YGF cashes out for that few greens, but his standard payout per full-credit green is $40...

unknown uchiha

12-09-2006 18:03:26

Actually, YGF counts tax and shipping as well. If it goes a penny over (like $80.01), it's rounded up a referral.


12-09-2006 18:36:50

Well, on the referral sites if its 79.00 (or even 81.00) we would allow 2 refs. DIY is different though, so it would be 3 credits. We approve every day and ship twice a week.


12-09-2006 18:40:19

YGF Do you have any referral sites that offer the shuffle?


12-09-2006 19:12:05

Well ill throw my input on the sites, YGF Was faster for me, Not saying your sites slow Bryan, Its also an excellent site, But I'd go YGF D.


12-09-2006 19:25:56

Yea, all of our referral site have custom order. Same with DIY

Referral sites

DIY Sites


12-09-2006 19:39:24

[quoted7846ea020="unknown uchiha"]Actually, YGF counts tax and shipping as well. If it goes a penny over (like $80.01), it's rounded up a referral.[/quoted7846ea020]
True, but I think I'd rather pay the extra $5 or so out of my pocket, and cashout at $80 with 2 refs. ;)


12-09-2006 19:41:23

It really depends how much over it is.

unknown uchiha

12-09-2006 19:54:55

Ah my bad, then my mistake =D I thought you mentioned that if it goes over that set amount then it'd have to be rounded up.


12-09-2006 19:56:02

If its something like a dollar over its fine


12-09-2006 20:20:28

cash out with 2 refs plus your initial green making it 3 offers so its pretty much the same thing.

edit paypal is also available instead of the shuffle )


12-09-2006 20:45:36

Hm.....I'll try SFR first, they've been good to me!


12-09-2006 20:56:47

Thanks for the support. Im not bashing any other sites at all, was just stating that on alot of sites its 3 refs plus the initial offer making it a total of 4 offers to get 100.

unknown uchiha

12-09-2006 21:15:47

I'm gonna go the slow and steay pace since I don't need it ASAP and go get it from iPodSweepstakes if they'll ship the new updated one in October.

I'm trying to get my old Shuffle fixed too since it has the orange-green blink error that can't be fixed. Do they ship you a new one?


13-09-2006 08:21:26

I just did 3 offers on shuffle.simplyfreerewards. I got paid fairly fast on the orignial site, haven't gotten credit for my offers yet, but it does say 1-2 days. I'll let everyone know how it goes.


13-09-2006 08:22:06

Thanks killer. keep us posted.


13-09-2006 09:57:40

i just need 40 more points on iPodSweepstakes, but i doubt they'll be offering the new model anytime soon, if they can get the old ones cheaper.


13-09-2006 10:10:01

YGF was faster in my own experience as well..and better crediting


13-09-2006 19:29:59

All of my offers credited earlier today, I have submitted for approval.


14-09-2006 12:45:01

Youve been approved, just place your order )


14-09-2006 12:48:44

[quote89c506da9b="bryanvanalmkerk"]Youve been approved, just place your order )[/quote89c506da9b]
Thank you sir, order placed. )


14-09-2006 13:58:24

im about to do my last offer, and am so excited. i cant wait till the shuffle lil bro is gonna love it.


14-09-2006 14:00:58

[quote551063b09d="gnznroses"]i just need 40 more points on iPodSweepstakes, but i doubt they'll be offering the new model anytime soon, if they can get the old ones cheaper.[/quote551063b09d]
yeah i asked and they said they are still shipping the 512mb brand


14-09-2006 17:20:11

Holy freaking wow, I got paid a few hours ago, so I completed the site AND got paid within 24 hours!

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