Consumer Incentive Promotions?

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10-09-2006 23:35:28

i've been reading how all these people get stuff from them, yet don't you have to pay out like 1000 dollars for the last page of offers?!

unknown uchiha

10-09-2006 23:41:24

Not thousands, it depends on the site you do and what offers are available. Put it this way You should go for a DIY site with a high paying reward like $500-$2000 so the offers you do in the end still rake up in profit for you.

OODs can get as nasty as a hundred dollars each.


11-09-2006 06:54:33

CIP shouldnt have anything over 10 offers and should cost you more than 400 bucks for any of there gifts


11-09-2006 07:12:37

yea but going through the brag thread it said something like "yah! just got my $500 visa gift card with CIP!"


11-09-2006 07:32:16

nowadays you should be able to get 500 bucks for 8 offers at about 150 bucks or get the laptop for 10 for say 200


11-09-2006 08:01:46

brag bags are generally past. Those people did 6 offers for that $500, shortly after that the requirements were raised.

You want to read the Nuitech sticky thread. CIP is a Nuitech site, and all current nuitech sites are discussed over there. Read the last 5 pages or so, get a feel for the sites people are finishing decide what you want to do and go from there.


11-09-2006 20:25:18

o cool thanks

johnny p

24-11-2006 22:02:46

is this site legit i've completed all but the last offer and I did 3 and never recieved credit. what should i do?