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04-09-2006 21:53:10

I am the owner of FreeRewards4You, which was once a referral only site. I have now added 6 more websites to the lineup, and all of them are DIY sites. The sites are

- Video Games / Systems - http//
- Computers & Hardware - http//
- Paypal Payments - http//
- Gas Cards - http//
- Clothing - http//
- Sight and Sound - http//
- Referral Site - http//

I think you will an ample amount of prizes to pick from. Right now we have a total of 182 prizes, including custom gifts so you can pick anything you want.

We are open to US and international traffic. When it asks for your address when you sign up, just leave it blank if you are from somewhere other than the US. We don't ship out gifts to other countries, only paypal payments, so I won't need a physical address for that.

You CAN sign up for all of the sites and complete each of them as many times as you would like (except for the referral site, which can only be completed once). However, you CANNOT complete the same offer more than 1 time, regardless of which site it was done on.

We have over 700 offers to pick from on the points-based sites and new ones are literally added every other day. New offers are added so often and the offer database is so big that making a list of the offers would be impractical to keep updated. All of the offers on our points sites are divided into categories for easy navigation.

We have a referral incentive for all of the points based sites as well. There is a separate tab for referring friends on your account page. For every friend you sign up that completes the website, you get 10% of the point value of the item they get! For example, if they get a $50 gift card for 50 points, you get 5 points. If they get a plasma tv for 2000 points, you get 200 points.

We have an extremely responsive support department. We are reachable through email ( and through AIM (Screenname FR4Y Support)

If there are any more questions feel free to post them here, submit a support ticket, or send a message to our AIM support staff. Thank you in advance for visiting our site, and let me be the first to welcome you to the new FreeRewards4You Network.


05-09-2006 07:01:49

i can never receive your activation email in yahoo. what address does it come from?


05-09-2006 08:24:07

The email= comes from the address comes from the address and has the subject Confirmation Email


06-09-2006 16:29:40

How many days does one have to wait before requesting manual credit? Also, what is the average wait for credit on the gambling sites, such as Bingo Room?



06-09-2006 17:16:02

Anybody need a ref?

I need some memory maybe I'll do one of these.


06-09-2006 18:39:50

[quote45f10231d2="CougarKid"]Anybody need a ref?

I need some memory maybe I'll do one of these.[/quote45f10231d2]

You can be my ref


06-09-2006 21:32:33

[quote0a6147bfe2="livetbd"]How many days does one have to wait before requesting manual credit? Also, what is the average wait for credit on the gambling sites, such as Bingo Room?


You must wait 7 days before requesting manual credit. The bingo offers vary from instant to 7 days.


06-09-2006 21:51:10

Thank you for the quick reply. Your customer service has been excellent on your site


14-09-2006 17:54:11

What is your payout schedule?


14-09-2006 23:52:15

and what are the points ratio. can you throw out some examples of common offers and how many points they are worth


15-09-2006 07:08:25

My payout schedule is once a month at the moment. That doesn't mean you have a wait a month though. Depending on the time of the month you complete your offers, it could be as little as two weeks from start to finish.

The points ratio is $1=1point.

I have over 600 offers, and have about another 100 that I have gathered but haven't added to the website yet. It's the typical offers you see at most free gift websites, except much more in quantity. Lots of $1 trials, free trials, gambling offers, no credit card offers, etc. A very wide range and ample to pick from.


20-10-2006 14:06:08

Has anyone been paid in the month of October? So far no answer to tickets or email. I know he said payout was on the 15th of each month. I was just wondering what was going on.


20-10-2006 15:16:38

I earned enough points in late September for an xbox360 game on the games site and I sat tight waiting for the 15th to roll around.

I sent a message through their site last night to see what the schedule was as we get into the 2nd half of the month. I didn't expect a response right away, but at least I know there's one other person waiting on something.

I'm not sure if there is anyone on a4f who is waiting on anything, but I can check there.



23-10-2006 05:01:35

Woke up this morning to a Paypal payment, all is cool.


23-10-2006 05:40:39


i received a response from the site. if everything goes smoothly, i will have my NCAA07 by the end of the week.



15-02-2007 22:29:40

[quote2f18037e80="FreeRewards4You"]I am the owner of FreeRewards4You...[/quote2f18037e80]

Do you ever answer your support tickets???


24-02-2007 21:39:17

Is it me or does anyone else get the "need an ionCube" thingama'job to view these sites... at least the DIY ones? I even went to the extent and downloaded the thing - and no such luck. It didn't help.