whats best dyi for paypal/giftcards??

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03-09-2006 13:14:07

and i dont wanna do irc or their sister sites


03-09-2006 13:53:07

like, you are avoiding nuitech?

uhh, then i think yfd sites and maybe some of the smaller ones are your only options.


03-09-2006 15:55:47

theres the i-deal for $1149 (2+2+2) and 1 ref.. join the conga


04-09-2006 15:32:09

You can do TraInn's DVR site as a points site instead of a referral. You'll spend less money doing the offers yourself as opposed to doing 1 offer and finding 10 people to do offers also. Remember that nowadays no one wants to do anything for nothing, so most likely, you'll have to pay them a "decent" amount to green for you. That decent amount being at least $20.

I finished the DVR site for $65--much less than if I had to pay people to green. Not bad, since I'll be getting $400... wink

[quote1cab30fcd3="mjohn87"]and i dont wanna do irc or their sister sites[/quote1cab30fcd3]


04-09-2006 22:25:12

thread locked.