Looks like even freepay(freegay) is playing the diy game

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11-08-2006 14:31:38


Things haven't been looking good for freepay lately but
someone was bound to make a thread about this sooner or
later so i made it myself. roll All questions/comments about
freepay's new diy site should be asked in here....


11-08-2006 14:35:11

I love this part on the site


We will process your order within 2 business days. Normal delivery time can take up to 5-7 business days for products that are in stock.

You do not pay for shipping. We take care of all of the costs associated with your free product, including shipping.[/quote63e442391c]


11-08-2006 14:48:15

i wonder if you have to do w-9 for them


11-08-2006 14:56:27

God...If only they were more trustworthy i'd try for the ps3... 4 easy + 2 OOD (Tassimo + webhost = $50)....


11-08-2006 14:56:47

I wonder what the offer-to-gift ratio is.


11-08-2006 15:42:14

the offer to gift ratio seems comparable to nuitech. There will be w-9s
on this site for sure.


11-08-2006 15:45:16

im getting the 360 for 17.47!! )


11-08-2006 15:49:43

do u think they will actualy ship?


11-08-2006 15:50:02

how many offers is the 360?


11-08-2006 15:53:29

[quote61697e88e0="kylej608"]do u think they will actualy ship?[/quote61697e88e0]

In my opinion i think they will ship, but not without a struggle....


11-08-2006 16:00:06

and it will just take a while.

I wish Jake was still around, after he vanished I lost a whole lotta faith in freepay


11-08-2006 16:08:03

then again, it doesn't exactly look all that bad.

haha, but i wonder how quick they will ship, or is this another last ditch effort before they go chapter 11


11-08-2006 16:23:55

[quote92ed062c8a](iv) If you are a U.S. resident and your free product reward from shop.freepay.com is valued at more than $600, you will be required by federal law and any applicable state law to claim the value of your reward. Therefore, an IRS W-9 form will be provided to you via the website. This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to shop.freepay.com in order to receive your free product.[/quote92ed062c8a]

that was in the tos


11-08-2006 16:24:39

[quote62627dcaac](i) After a User completes the steps required to receive the product, shop.freepay.com will take measures to ensure that the user receives delivery of their product within a reasonable amount of time. Delivery times vary amongst product suppliers, but most orders are received within 30 days from placing the order.[/quote62627dcaac]

then again this was to lol lol


11-08-2006 19:00:31

[quoteadeb517ee8="afro_wolff"]God...If only they were more trustworthy i'd try for the ps3... 3 easy + 2 OOD (Tassimo + webhost = $50)....[/quoteadeb517ee8]

Thats better


11-08-2006 19:09:42

[quote0f2cdc718e="junkie06"]i wonder if you have to do w-9 for them[/quote0f2cdc718e]

i dont see any gift valued more than 600 dollars, the closest i see was the ps3 for 5 offers at $599

5 offers, ill bite


11-08-2006 19:49:38

Site actually looks pretty good...

Damn you FreePay.


11-08-2006 20:31:12


They're expanding in all of the wrong areas.


12-08-2006 14:16:51

It won't even let me sign up.


12-08-2006 14:18:30



12-08-2006 16:11:29

Still in beta form


12-08-2006 16:25:22

I got it to work, I used Safari instead of FireFox. I already did 1 offer and it credited in like 10 minutes.

4 offers for a 60gb iPod video is a good deal, and won't cost me more than $50.


12-08-2006 16:36:16

umm this is so tempting, i told myself i was done with Gratis aka freepay.....ummm


12-08-2006 17:21:13

I wanna do this too. 5 offers for an xbox is pretty good....but its freepay. roll


21-08-2006 14:48:45

4 offers for an xbox 360 !

Wow. Sounds too good to be true.