Less offers Longer time wait, More offers shorter time wait

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10-08-2006 22:20:37

Just wondering what you guys prefered.

Longer time wait (3-6 months) with only 4-6 offers (no OOD)

Shorter time wait (3-5 weeks) 15-18 offers (1 or 2 OOD)

The prize is $2000 check.


10-08-2006 22:27:44

I would choose the 3-5 weeks, BUT could you PM me and let me know what the longer wait option is?


10-08-2006 22:29:28

3-5 weeks, nuitech rocks


10-08-2006 23:10:15

[quotef3e5b2884f="Labtec-Jay"]I would choose the 3-5 weeks, BUT could you PM me and let me know what the longer wait option is?[/quotef3e5b2884f]

it says 3-6 months.


10-08-2006 23:28:41

I'd prefer the longer wait and less offers, do you have a link?


10-08-2006 23:33:52

it's just a poll to see what people like


10-08-2006 23:52:00

Definitely longer wait, less offers.


11-08-2006 03:45:37

Longer wait, less offers


11-08-2006 07:51:30

Longer wait and less offers


11-08-2006 08:38:45

id rather have a shorter wait since i go crazy waiting things out


11-08-2006 09:22:15

yeah me too, I hate those long waits, and I've almost been screwed twice with the longer wait ones


11-08-2006 09:34:51

yeh for me on the long waits the sites seem to close down b4 i get it..


11-08-2006 12:07:12

i would normally say longer wait less offers, but its still a great deal even wit hthe huge amount of offers....still totally worth it, with more instant gratification


25-08-2006 19:10:49

Is there such a site that you are talking about with the $2k check and all of those offers?


25-08-2006 20:45:30

longer waits are scary because you always hear about random DQ's. Everyday that goes by you tell yourself you got DQ'ed and that's why you didn't get it yet. Seems like an eternity. Atleast for my plasma.


25-08-2006 22:45:03

gimmie a $2000 GC for $200 in 3 weeks. I'll turn around with that $2k and do some of the $2k ones that take 6 months, and let them come in.

so I prefer faster. I can always use money in my hand to earn me more money. I rarely spend it directly on gifts. It's just another turnaround to me.


26-08-2006 00:30:58

Less offers is always good...