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09-08-2006 12:01:37

someone on a4f mentioned
i checke dit out just to see if it was exactly the same. interesting thing is it actually lists i-deal and their address in the terms. so i went back to which i did a while bach for a plasma (actually a $2,000 check). and i looked at the terms. it says bullseye media of course, but anyways, while there i noticed this site is now 6+1 again for a laptop.
too bad you can't repeat a site tho...

oops, it's 10 + 1. but still pretty good compared to most older sites which are 10 + 5...


09-08-2006 12:34:28

Yeah they dropped their requirements on a lot of their old sites.

Freelawntractor and freeridingmower are now 10+1, when they were 10+5 ... $1800 lawn tractor = good deal if u ask me )


09-08-2006 12:42:39

anyone have the address for bullseye media?


09-08-2006 13:55:48