new ideal site 8+1 for supposedly a $1400 dvd projector

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05-08-2006 18:43:51

doesn't look to me like it costs $1400 but...

also same terms for a $500 digital camera

wonder what other stuff they're offering on this new domain name? keep an eye out )

my bad, http// is for a $2099 mattress and it's two refs needed. and 10 offers....


05-08-2006 18:51:22

it changes on reload for me btw the Dig camera, DVD handycam, and the matress you mentioned.


05-08-2006 18:59:24

[quoteebbb9c9692="justinag06"]it changes on reload for me btw the Dig camera, DVD handycam, and the matress you mentioned.[/quoteebbb9c9692]


Anyone going to do this? I think i'd be interested in my first "big" diy site, what do you guys think of this?


05-08-2006 19:05:16

I could've sworn this was posted already.


05-08-2006 19:24:37

I agree with OP that this does not appear to be worth $1500, furthermore it doesn't list a manufacturer so that worries me. The fact that HDTV is stapled on there means nothing, and the fact that we don't have a manufacturer means there is no guarantee of how much their projectors are worth. Furthermore projectors have a fine line between good and crappy. If you buy a quality one, they are top notch, a cheap one however is a waste IMO.

Lets see what dmorris thinks about it though.


The cameras don't appear to be worthwhile IMO. And unless you have two referrals sitting around the bed isn't worth your while. If you do, then doing the temporpidic mattress would probably be good because those things do cost $2000. I own one, and trust me they are a bitch to move. So given the fact that they might not be able to get a discount , and would have to pay shipping. I bet they'd forgo the hastle and just send the check. The payout isn't close to past I-deal sites though.

look at the lawnmower one and the dell 24 in monitor both are still good payouts for low offers, and are still active.


05-08-2006 19:29:04

Yeah, this site has been posted before. The gift won't change when I refresh the site. I keep getting the camcorder.

I have a gut feeling they would send the mattress. Just that though, a gut feeling.


05-08-2006 19:57:57

Is anybody interested in the matress one?

I kinda want to do it because I want to complete Ink Blvd so if anyone else is going to try it out I'll look into it...