pays2shop $500 for 2+2+1 OOD?

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02-08-2006 10:42:43

First of all, sorry if this has been posted already. I found it in my email today. It's a little confusing because the first page says $250 then when you get to the offers it says $500. Anyway, it's 2+2+1 and the last page has a few webhosting offers (along with credit cards). Anyone else have any info? Is it worth it?


02-08-2006 11:43:26

It is a YFD site so it will take forever to get, i don't really trust YFD right now or i would have done it a few weeks ago...

I also think that the last page takes 2 offers, or there are 4 pages, 2+2+1+1... i'm pretty sure it is a total of 6...