visa gift card for <18+?

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25-07-2006 19:11:15

Are there any DIY sites for visa gift cards that allow people less than 18 years old to redeem gifts? Every site I've seen that gives out visa gift cards require me to be 18+. Also, this isn't a "what's the best" thread, it's a "is there any" thread, so dont try to link me to that thread, please.


25-07-2006 19:20:00

I just say I'm 18?


25-07-2006 19:20:58

[quote343f32264a="zdub08"]I just say I'm 18?[/quote343f32264a]
And that would be fraud.


25-07-2006 19:22:30

[quote48cbadd126="zdub08"]I just say I'm 18?[/quote48cbadd126]
But don't site require you to show proof of age?
umm...hypothetically of course..


25-07-2006 19:27:10

Well I guess I'm a crook, but honestly think about what you would do in my situation. Also, I don't lie about my age on most sites (most only require age of 13 or 16). There is, which is 3+3+3. I'm pretty sure free4me doesn't require that you be 18. Can anyone verify that?

EDIT the first 2 pages of that site are extremely easy and you could complete them by spending well under $50; however, the third page is alot of casino offers, and alot of them probably do require you to show proof of age.


25-07-2006 19:36:05

hmmm I'm not sure If I'll be able to do that third page, those webhosting ones seem too expensive and too much of a hassle...


25-07-2006 21:31:23

[quote68d667c21a="dmorris68"][quote68d667c21a="zdub08"]I just say I'm 18?[/quote68d667c21a]
And that would be fraud.[/quote68d667c21a]

Over 50% of the users fraud then.

I know I did, if that's fraud.


25-07-2006 21:40:07

Just complete it in your parent's name?


25-07-2006 22:14:47

[quotec8dbf97e2e="dmorris68"][quotec8dbf97e2e="zdub08"]I just say I'm 18?[/quotec8dbf97e2e]
And that would be fraud.[/quotec8dbf97e2e]

I think the term fraud is over used, its somewhat lost its meaning ?


25-07-2006 22:36:51

If there are alot of good reasons why I shouldn't complete freebie sites because of my age, I might respect the rule..


26-07-2006 07:26:23

[quote42ee484a64="CoMpFrEaK"][quote42ee484a64="dmorris68"][quote42ee484a64="zdub08"]I just say I'm 18?[/quote42ee484a64]
And that would be fraud.[/quote42ee484a64]

I think the term fraud is over used, its somewhat lost its meaning ?[/quote42ee484a64]
Okay, how about "violations of the terms & conditions?" ;)

Violating the T&C of a freebie site or its sponsors is widely considered "fraud" in this industry. When you agree to their T&C, you are entering into a contract, and doing so while knowingly violating them is thus entering into a contract under false pretenses. Hence my "loose" use of the term. If a sponsor determines your real age to be under their required minimum, then they can withhold payment to the network/site owner. Now you've deprived them of income, especially if you've already cashed out your freebie.

Whether they actually discover your real age or not is immaterial to the argument of whether it's a "fraudulent" signup or not. Take it for what you will, but don't be outraged when site owners who read these posts and matchup FiPG accounts with their freebie accounts (and it isn't hard to do), then put you on hold. People should think about what they announce in a public forum... ;)


26-07-2006 08:46:05

i always lie about my age also ) and ive never been caought yet


26-07-2006 09:46:22

[quote6b91c00842="CoMpFrEaK"][quote6b91c00842="dmorris68"][quote6b91c00842="zdub08"]I just say I'm 18?[/quote6b91c00842]
And that would be fraud.[/quote6b91c00842]

I think the term fraud is over used, its somewhat lost its meaning ?[/quote6b91c00842]
I just think people commit so much fraud it seems ok now shrug


22-08-2006 13:01:41

The reason they have the 18 age requirment is because people under the age of 18 cannot make (legally anyways) binding contracts. So basically you technically couldn't do any subscription offer or anything that requires a purchase with a credit card (purchasing anything with a credit card is basically re-validating a contract with your CC company saying that you will pay any charge on ur account).


22-08-2006 19:01:33

but you could just use a prepaid gift card, just saying is all


31-08-2006 09:38:44

[quote73fdf654e7="kylej608"]i always lie about my age also ) and ive never been caought [b73fdf654e7]yet[/b73fdf654e7][/quote73fdf654e7]