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19-07-2006 13:43:35

sorry if this isn't exactly on topic but i'm doing a Nuitech MacBook Pro site and i am on the final offers and the last two i need to do are either Orexis, Longevity or Miracle Burn. all three Urban Nutrition sites, so the problem you ask? well none of them have free trials to begin with so like Longevity i would have to spend 120$ to get a 3 month supply of something i definentely do not need. now i know they all have 100% money back guarantee and all that hoo-ha but i called them up today about Miracle Burn and the lady on the phone said that if i returned the product within the 30days for a refund they will remove confirmation with Nuitech so i will have no longer completed the offer. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT I PROCLAIMED to the lady on the other end and she went on about how thats there policy and its the only way its fair to them (which i understand from a business standpoint, but when you want free shit 50$ per offer negates the whole free part....) so anyways my question to you is the lady wasn't 100% positive that they do remove credit, so i'm asking all of you has this ever happened to you? should i just do orexis or something for the one month supply for 50 bucks then do a CC to get my last credit? or have you returned a urban nutrition product for their guarantee and still gotten credit? any info helps! THANKS!


19-07-2006 13:56:59

I thought miracle burn was a free trial, only shipping?


19-07-2006 14:11:42

Yeah this is talking about canceling and not allowed. Figure it out, you need 1 more offer for a MBP...



19-07-2006 14:23:31

And Page 3 offers are called "OOD" for a reason... ;)