anyfreegift problem with status of offers being approved

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07-07-2006 16:00:11


i recently did the two offers through anyfreegift for the Ipod Mini on 6/2/2006.

how long does it take for them to go from in progress to approved?

is it better to contact CS via e-mail or phone?



07-07-2006 16:19:08

Heck I've been waiting since Feb with nothing but promises that it will be straightened out. But usually I think it is 45 days...check the YF thread above.


10-07-2006 11:47:04

Yeah, I've done two YF sites, you have to wait until those 45 days are up to request manual credit. But they alwyas credit you.


10-07-2006 11:50:04

guet used to it.........45 days for credit.......45 days if u have to do any extra offers, 45 days until shipped.....45 days until received....yf is a process of time. be patient.