How-to / Walkthrough for DIY Sites

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04-07-2006 07:32:43

Post removed due to lack of interest


04-07-2006 07:47:51

are you looking to sell or help fellow fipg users? ;)


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04-07-2006 08:15:26

I'll buy it off you for +karma


04-07-2006 08:22:58

What DIY site actually allows walkthroughs?


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04-07-2006 09:04:27

[quote23afaa58eb="chemlabrat"]Thanks, but I don't really need +karma since I don't trade. I doubt if any DIY sites allow walkthroughs, that's just more of a disclaimer. Sort of a note to remind you that you're not supposed to be reading it. Haha.[/quote23afaa58eb]

Hmm... if we're not supposed to be reading it, then you are not supposed to be selling it... I think a letter to iDeal is in order.


04-07-2006 09:07:49

You come onto a forum for freebies where everyone already knows how to do this shit and talk about selling the info for $20, knowing that DIY sites don't allow walkthroughs?

Are you a dumbass?


04-07-2006 09:51:35

I was just trying to help people learn from all the mistakes I made. A letter to Ideal? LOL. The ebook is generic and has nothing to do with ideal. And if everyone already knows how to do it, then why do people always come here asking stupid questions that have been answered 1000 times already? Simple... all the information is scattered among 1000 posts. The newbie section here for getting started is ok, but is a bit outdated. This whole website is a collection of sectional walkthroughs, you just can't read it all at the same time or it is considered walking through. You can ask about step 1, step 10, or step 20 and people are happy to answer, but ask about step 1-20 and you get the same ignorant people chewing out the noobs.


04-07-2006 09:59:46

[quote3d31d9c5b0="ajrock2000"]What DIY site actually allows walkthroughs?[/quote3d31d9c5b0]

I'm sure that was a rhetorical question.

For those who didn't get it.

The answer is no site, at all, allows walkthroughs.


04-07-2006 11:53:45

i'm sure everyone here had more experience than you in the freebie scene,chemlabrat. Why would anyone pay for something when they can get their questions asnwered here?


04-07-2006 14:57:08

congrats to the orignal poster on reaching an unprecedented new level of stupidity eng101