Wait for credit or do another offer?

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19-06-2006 11:16:32

I have one offer awaiting credit for MSG, one offer awaiting credit for IOG, and two offers awaiting credit for BW. I've called at least three times for each.

It's been a couple months now. Should I wait for them to get credit or should I just do another offer for those sites?

Any advice would be great.


19-06-2006 12:25:29

let us know what offers they are, it depends, if its ftd or ultima patch they will ev4entually come through, atleast they did for me.
Netflix lied and said i didnt sign up through the offer site even though i was still using it when they told me this and miracle burn did they same thing.
It depends on the offer.


19-06-2006 12:29:31

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