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14-06-2006 09:35:25

Here is a list of all the free stuff they offer


Anyone know anything about this company?

It seems this is the real link....

I guess its part of RewardsGateway which only has like road lines on the 3rd page /


14-06-2006 13:36:44

"1) valid registration information; 2) take short marketing survey; 3) and complete at least 1 (one) sponsored offer"

That's ONE offer for $500. There is no second page or refferals.

EDIT Well, I completed the AOL offer for $1 and I instantly got the voucher for $500. The catch is, they force you to spend it on this site of theirs called There seems to be a lot of random small items, I don't see anything big like an Xbox 360 or w/e, but I now have a $500 credit to spend there. I'll keep this updated incase I see anything really valuable.

EDIT 2 Not only is the selection of items rather lackluster, you have to pay shipping for any items you buy on this site, gift cards don't work with shipping. Meh. I'm out.