GADGETCITY help!?!?!....

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12-06-2006 00:19:34

so i signed up [bdcde602000]yesterday [/bdcde602000]for [bdcde602000]gadgetcity [/bdcde602000]to get the razr V3i....i filled out all the info and got to the offers page...just check out the offers and figured i'd come back to it and do it tomorrow (tonight)...

[bdcde602000]well i can't seem to be able to log back in!?!??![/bdcde602000] x

i keep doing a [bdcde602000]password retrieval [/bdcde602000]and it says it emails me my password [bdcde602000]but i never get anything[/bdcde602000]... roll

the page says
[quotedcde602000]"To get an e-mail reminder for your password, or to set one up, please enter your e-mail address

An e-mail has been sent to [myemailaddress]"[/quotedcde602000]

[bdcde602000]what should i do from here[/bdcde602000]....should i sign up again? or will that DQ me?!?!

HELP!!! oops


12-06-2006 00:49:43

so just call them, you can find the number at at the bottm of the page. I did this site and got my 360 just fine.


12-06-2006 01:00:32

well i was hoping maybe there was something i was doing wrong with it and i can just fix it.

i wanted to do the refs now though

and can you go for other products on gadgetcity or can you only do 1?


12-06-2006 01:28:58

Try this

See if that works


12-06-2006 08:08:36

hu? Tjwor sometimes you just post to post and piss people off.


12-06-2006 09:24:45

why couldnt you just post this in the gadgetcity thread?