anyone familiar with I-Deal sites...have a question!!!

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10-06-2006 15:59:58

now a DIY i-deal site lists all these offers and i know you can only do an offer you have never done before...

but what about an offer from the [bb65806e40b]same company[/bb65806e40b]...

on this one site (www.[bb65806e40b]freelawngear[/bb65806e40b].com) they have listed about 3-4 different offers from Trimlife..

[bb65806e40b]i did two different offers but both from this gonna cause me to be dq'd now?[/bb65806e40b] oops

i even see a couple of other offers that ARE different but appear to be from the same company...'cuz they have the same web layout...are these just hidden dq landminds so to speak? ?

One offer was a health report and the other was a 7day sample for carb control...i mean i am interested in both of these and wanted to do them...i even did another offer just in case...


10-06-2006 16:19:28

According to trish, no that does not matter. So you are ok. Just dont do the same offer twice.


10-06-2006 16:28:23

what are all the i-deal sites


10-06-2006 16:46:10

[quote8cdee1e531="junkie06"]what are all the i-deal sites[/quote8cdee1e531]

The threads are labeled I-deal if they are Ideal.


10-06-2006 16:49:34

[quote0126b32b69="junkie06"]what are all the i-deal sites[/quote0126b32b69]

There are tons. Usually the first few posts contains information as to if it is iDeal or not.


10-06-2006 16:49:35

was asking for a list


10-06-2006 16:55:14

[quote995549a48b="junkie06"]was asking for a list[/quote995549a48b]

Search > Search term iDeal > Forum to search in DIY Sites > WHAM! INSTA-LIST!!!


11-06-2006 00:05:15

[quote465db81549="ajrock2000"]According to trish, no that does not matter. So you are ok. Just dont do the same offer twice.[/quote465db81549]

is trish this bullseye person? i think somone spoke of her once or something....and to my understanding bullseye isn't doing this site, but its red turtle investments?

did i hear correctly? and/or am i still cool then?

thanks!!! D