Neighborhood survey ??????

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25-05-2006 11:31:36

Looks like a decent site with reasonable offers. Need to do 5 offers (2-2-1 on 3 pages) for a $200 Walmart gift card. Sounds like a decent deal if you compare the costs but nowhere near a NT or YFD or iDeal site. Anyone even heard abt. this site before??


25-05-2006 11:33:56



25-05-2006 11:39:22

I hate it when people ask about a site and don't post the link in the listing so it is clickable... I can't get it to load or find a site called neighborhood survey...


25-05-2006 11:43:12

My bad. Link is



25-05-2006 11:56:48

I don't see a 200 gift card anywhere...


25-05-2006 12:00:07

You can see it at the bottom of the page

Receipt of the FREE $200 Walmart Gift Card requires 1) valid registration information; 2) completion of survey; 3) complete at least two Silver, two Gold, and one Platinum offers. 4) compliance with the Terms & Conditions.

You need to register through ur email ID.


25-05-2006 12:05:12

I'm registering for the 360 to check it out.
The survey is freakin LLOOONNNGGGG....


25-05-2006 12:10:24

12 offers for a 360... and I didn't find a link to the 200 walmart card...


25-05-2006 12:13:14

They do have some good offers though.. no OOD.. lots of unique offers. Just the offer requirements are a little bit high. I might consider doing this later on.


25-05-2006 12:15:39

We dont know how legitimate the site is with their offer credits, approvals and shipment of products. Hope someone here can throw light on this because all the offers there are do-able.


25-05-2006 12:18:08

this looks like a brandarama site