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22-05-2006 19:13:03

What do I have to purchase in order to get credit from
Any help would be appreciated


22-05-2006 19:20:09

just signup basically, not going to get into specifics though


22-05-2006 21:25:43

With the sign-up, you get a CD for $6.95, great deal, one of the best offers in my opinion.


23-05-2006 05:18:46

It's 5.99. Or at least it is for me. I signed up to on my first I-Deal site, didn't even get credit because I didn't wait for it to go pending first, and yet I still keep it. )

You can't beat having the entire BMG library at your disposal for $6 shipped per CD. Great offer!


23-05-2006 07:44:19

Yea it's only $5.99 per CD.

Are the BMG CD's the ones that have some copywrite thing installed on them?


23-05-2006 08:17:45

Only select titles have had any DRM or rootkit stuff on them. I've got numerous CD's from BMG (been a BMG CD Club member for probably 10 years now) and have never received a protected one yet. I'm on my 3rd CD and none were protected either.

Most Audio CD protections I'm aware of, only affect you if you have Autoplay enabled on your PC. If you must keep Autoplay enabled, hold down the Shift key when you insert a CD, and the DRM software will not be installed. Then just rip the CD as usual and you don't have an issue.


23-05-2006 08:26:10

[quote11cefdf9d5="stackmjwiz"]Yea it's only $5.99 per CD.

Are the BMG CD's the ones that have some copywrite thing installed on them?[/quote11cefdf9d5]

Everyone claims to have copy protection...yet everything is cracked ;)

Captain All That

23-05-2006 08:54:37

Agreed... Your Music is the best Freebie offer ever... I can afford music again...



25-05-2006 06:36:03

I just did this offer on an ideal site...I hope it gets approved fast as I move slowly through DIY sites...


25-05-2006 06:45:10

I liked this offer. $5.99 for a CD with free shipping. I've been finding older CDs that were too pricey in the stores or other online places for a lot cheaper.


25-05-2006 07:46:11

I enjoyed it also...bu tno Bob Seger... you can't find his newer albums anywhere