Free HDMI Plasma?

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12-05-2006 16:58:02

Can you guys please give me a link? Also, how many offers are needed? lol


13-05-2006 10:43:50

Yeah, if this site turns out to be any good and I can still manage to get a referral out of it, then please get us this info. I keep having the worst timing with DIY Plasma sites, so any help would be really great. There may even be karma involved, for those of you who are karma conscious.



19-05-2006 20:45:39



22-05-2006 11:37:18

Sorry, I was trying to agree with you and see if I could get more peoples interest attracted to this topic. My bad if made a mistake. Just eager to find a plasma site that I can finish and actually get a plasma site from.