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06-05-2006 20:56:18

I've looked through the T&C that Ideal has set forth for their sites. I've run into a bit of a problem. I am currently at my school right now, and when I signed up for one of their sites, I used my school address. Well I am going to complete my offers for the site now, but the problem is that I won't be at school after this thursday to receive the products from doing the offers. I would rather use my address at home for signing up for the offers, so that I can take care of it from there. Am I allowed to use a different address for doing the offers, than what I used for signing up for the site? I don't see how I-deal would be able to track that at all. I am not trying to fraud them in anyway at all, I'm just trying to be responsible, so that I can receive the products that I get from completing my offers. I don't really think I have any other options. Let me know what you all think. Thanks.....

Oh and I think that I-deal need their own thread as well....


07-05-2006 09:29:45

first off ideal has like 6 differnt threads for each one of their sites.
Second off I think you should just make another account under a differnt name but not a fake name kinda like my real name is william, instead I would make a new account under willie, and then u can put ur home address on that account. I-deal's legitamacy is kind of shaky right now cuz a lot of people got stuff from csc but pretty much everyone of yourchoicereward got screwed. I would say just make a new account cuz they will look for everypossible reason to dq you. If I was you I wouldnt even do the site.


07-05-2006 12:31:10

Problem is I'm locked in at the 6 offers and 1 referral, and so it my referral. If I made a new account than I would go to the 10/5. The person who I signed up under would lose his referral, and I would lose mine. So that isn't an option.

I know that there are a bunch of threads out there for their sites, but I think there needs to be one question thread like nuitech and yfd have....


07-05-2006 13:29:45

And you didnt think of this when you signed up because....????


07-05-2006 13:55:54

Obviously I didn't, so what good is it going to do me talking about it now? I need some answers from the knowledgeable....


07-05-2006 18:59:22

You do that.


07-05-2006 19:58:25

What the hell is that supposed to mean? If you aren't going to help me stay out of here, because you aren't doing me any good. I just need some helpful answers, not "you didn't think of that earlier" crap....


08-05-2006 06:51:07

ok paul wall, i think the only choice u have is to use your original address that u signed up with to finish the other site. otherwise im fairly certain that you will end up getting dq'ed or not getting anything at all.


08-05-2006 10:08:33

On what basis do you say that? Nothing is stated in their T&C that you cannot do that. I am not doing something fraudullent, it is a completely legitmate reason. It is impossible for me to go that route because I will not be at the address at all, and certain items in the mail will not be forwarded home to me by my school, and what does get forwarded will have a nasty delay with it anyway. I already did all the offers last night, so I better not be getting any dq's for doing something out of my control. I wouldn't see how i-deal would be able to track what address I used to sign up for the offers with, that is between me and the company. Hopefully I will get a response to my email from someone....


08-05-2006 10:24:16

I don't know if doing offers under a different address matters or not -- the DIY sites seem to be pretty lax about everything except duplicating offers.

As far as the shipping address of your prize, when you print your cert IIRC on CSC I was prompted to enter my shipping address again. So you could change it at that time.

At least I think I remember having to enter the address again... old age is getting to me. What were we talking about again?


08-05-2006 11:06:07

Haha, yeah that's what I was thinking. I don't think having a different address for the offer should be a problem at all. When I printed my cert for istufffree I was prompted to enter an address again, so I put my home address, and then just included a note explaining the reason why there was 2 different addresses. I haven't been dq'ed yet, so hopefully it isn't a problem.....it better not be!


08-05-2006 11:24:39

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