I-Deal redemption center address?

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05-05-2006 13:00:34

Is this there address?

950 Walnut Bottom Rd. 15-212 <---- what is that number. Should it go on next line
Carlisle, PA 17013


05-05-2006 13:40:14

Put it all on one line...


05-05-2006 14:07:04



I figured it out

I sent it like this
950 Walnut Bottom Rd.
Suite 15-212
Carlisle, PA 17013


05-05-2006 14:10:48

It varies by site. That isn't the address used by CSC, for example. My certs went to the Bullseye address in Millersburg, PA and then forwarded to a Harrisburg, PA address.

But as a point of technicality the suite should go after the name and before the street address. The last two lines on any USPS address should be the street or box followed by the city/state/zip. Having said that, the USPS will deliver just about anything that's readable. ;)