HELP! Which iBook am I getting from IRC?

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28-04-2006 13:55:39

I have finally completed the requirements and sent in my gift redemption voucher and notarized W-9 for my iBook. My problem is, I signed up when the iBook was still 6 offers. I've heard that have raised the offer requirement to 15 because of the newer iBook they are now offering. So which one am I getting and what are the specs? The specs aren't available at my IRC status page because they no longer offer the notebook. Is it the 12 inch G4? I've seen a lot of people selling that particular iBook on eBay, but they are selling within the immediate time frame, so that would suggest they are the newer iBooks. PLEASE HELP! Feel free to pm me. Once again, to sum things up, which iBook were they giving out when the offer requirement was only at 6? Thanks for any help.


28-04-2006 14:12:14

The base model one that costs 999.


28-04-2006 14:20:59

What is the base model? What are the specs. Is it the G4? Also, I thought they had lowered the price of the $999 iBook with the release of the newer iBook. Someone please clarify.


28-04-2006 14:23:33

1.33 GHz G4
40gb HD
512 MB RAM
Built-in Airport/Bluetooth



28-04-2006 14:24:53

Thanks a bunch!


28-04-2006 18:44:42

Ask nui-tech questions in the nui-tech thread next time please )


28-04-2006 18:47:05

[quote615e0844f0="tjwor"]Ask nui-tech questions in the nui-tech thread next time please )[/quote615e0844f0]
Yes please! http/" alt=""/[/img615e0844f0]