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25-04-2006 21:10:39

HAs anyone tried I want to try it I'ma little hesitant so I wanted to know if someone else had did it and acutally got their TV


25-04-2006 21:17:46


havn't read this but searched and found it, theres alot of posts


25-04-2006 22:09:34

There are a bunch of people who have been working on that site, but I don't think anyone has gotten anything from them yet. My guess is the offers and referrals have gone up like every other ideal site, thus making it a bad one to try. If you think you can get 5 referrals though, than go for it....


25-04-2006 22:27:11

and if you think you want to go for it, I still need a ref as I was the last one to sign up before the reqs were raised. I can make a substantial offer to anyone who can complete this for me. PM me for details.