Shipping confirmation from Nui

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22-04-2006 22:33:21


Does Nuitech tell you when they ship your gift? It says that it is now in fulfilment waiting to ship does that get updated or do I just wait for it to show up at the door.



22-04-2006 22:54:41

Although I'm wondering this too.....It would be a better post in this thread wink



22-04-2006 23:43:36

No, they dont tell you for giftscard or checks. They do tell you if they ship and ibook or something. Going into fullfilment is the last info they tell you on the website. lock


23-04-2006 03:34:12

This will get locked since there's a thread already about Nui Tech questions, but its rare for me to get any shipping notification from NT, so I would say its not hugely common, and for the most part yeah, you'll just be waiting for something to show up.

Big fun, eh?


23-04-2006 11:22:19

Please post questions regarding the NiuTech in the appropriate thread, which is a sticky.